Gen Z Yellow and Millenial Pink

Color trends 2018 brings optimism and confidence. Bright and bold colours came back to play the main role not only the extras. Yellow is one of the rising stars of 2018 while the Millenial Pink is still influential.

Gen Z Yellow and Millenial Pink colour 2018 trend

Millenial Pink

The era of Millennial Pink started in Summer 2016 is still staying strong and not (nomen omen) fading. Variation of pink everybody called the Millenial one, went beyond the rococo palette.

It is still an ongoing  trend in digital media, graphic design, fashion, make-up, hair-style, home decor. Pink has been interpreted in many different hues from blush to rose and recently salmon. The Pantone Color Palette for Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter is dominated by bright and strong hues and so the evolution of pink could turn towards the vivid hues.

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Colour trends 2018

Gen Z Yellow and Millenial Pink colour 2018 trend

Gen Z Yellow 

Gen Z (stands for generation born between mid 90s and early 00’s) yellow breaks in the social media (Instagram), fashion and interior since Spring/Summer season.

All shades of yellow

It comes in all equally popular hues like mustard, sorbet lemons, egg-yolk. Important to note that yellow stays through the year in mentioned above Pantone Fashion Trend Report. In Spring Summer it is the Meadowlark -bold and lively and in autumn/winter Limelight and Ceylon Yellow. Very unusual choice for Winter collection ‘the centre of attention’ as Pantone described it.

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Jigsaw clothing shop with Gen Z yellow rope on the window display

Jigsaw window display, Dublin, Ireland. Simple but on trend window design concept.

COS fashion shop with yellow known as Gen Z yellow accent on the window display

COS window display, Dublin, Ireland

River Island window design presenting the pop art concept in another hue of yellow and its still Gen Z yellow

River Island Dublin, Ireland window display. Yellow in a pop-art window design.

Deni Cler Milano window display with Yellow Cab, which is another way of expressing the yellow tones called the Gen Z yellow

Deni Cler Milano, window display. Warsaw, Poland. Famous NY Yellow Cab has been adopted to create this trendy window display.

Dunnes Stores window display with Millennial pink and mint garlands of flowers

Dunnes Stores, May 2018, Grafton Street, Dublin, Ireland

Berschka window display in Millenial pink and floral pattern

Berschka window display, Dublin, Ireland. Millenial pink and floral pattern – 2018 trends

Louis Vuitton window display presenting Millennial pink and oversized flowers.

Louis Vuitton, Brown Thomas, Dublin, Ireland. March 2018. Pastel pink and oversized flowers.

Louis Vuitton window display presenting Dalmatian digging against Millennial pink and red background

Louis Vuitton, Brown Thomas Dublin, Ireland, February 2018.


Weekend MaxMara window display with Millennial pink accent

Weekend MaxMara, Warsaw, Poland. Pastel pink accent.

Uterque window display showing portraits of women against Millennial pink background

Uterque window display, Warsaw, Poland

Arnotts window display showing pastel pink background for furniture

Arnotts window display, Dublin, Ireland,

Arnotts window display showing Millennial pink and Gen Z yellow background for furniture

Arnotts window display, Dublin, Ireland. Pastels and in particular yellow and pink hues, called Gen Z and The Millennial Pink this time.