Run Colors sneakers shop interior design

There is something symptomatic about Run Colors sneakers shop interior design. This multi-brand space reflects the need of the new generation of Millenials.

What design for a sneakers shop?

While generation Y was focused on success, achievements, targets, and consumption, Millenials choose a more laid back attitude based on authenticity and personalization. As a matter of fact, with Millenials, it’s all about being, not getting.

Niketown London or the Nike store in The Grove Los Angeles, echoes, or rather pioneered this new trend. Their interior focus on greys, toned down browns, accents of pastels, and saturated colors.

Neutral color palette in Nike store in Losa Angeles.

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Similarly, Run Colours sneakers shop interior design aspires to fit into these new aesthetics.

With neutral colors, soft lighting, and quirky design Run Colours design escapes from the overstimulated design. Instead, it represents the atmosphere of a laid-back social club.

Top 5 features you should remember about Run Colors sneakers shop interior design:

  • Focal points: honeycomb and linear display walls
  • Leading honeycomb motif in interior design (feature walls, furniture)
  • Quirky furniture design
  • Use of neutral palette broken by punchy mint pastel
  • Fusion of styles

1. Shop interior design focal points

Display walls

So now, let’s look closely at the design features in this sneakers’ shop interior. What catch out attention straightaway, are the shoe display walls. Two main feature walls displaying sneakers introduce male and female zones. The female one is designed with a honeycomb motif. The male sneakers’ display wall is made of linear ascending and descending rows. Both features are dynamic, and they animate the space.

Run Colors shop honeycomb display wall

Honeycomb design for girls

Run Colors shop, Warsaw, Poland. Sneakers Display wall in the female zone.

Run Colors sneakers shop display wall

Linear design for boys

Run Colors shop, Warsaw, Poland. Sneakers Display wall in a male zone.

2. Honeycomb motif

When you look closely at this interior design, you notice the honeycomb motif is smartly used throughout the shop, like the wall pattern at the back. This mint painted wall is decorated in a three-dimensional variation of the honeycomb motif. Also, the suspended lights repeat the hexagonal shapes. Also, the furniture design echoes this motif.

Run Colors Warsaw Poland pastel interior

Run Colors, Warsaw, Poland, Decorative back wall.

To note great design combo: three-dimensional honeycomb pattern and a mint pastel statement colour.

3. Furniture design and display units in a shop

The display stand design is really worth pointing out. As you can see in the picture, the accessory display units are made as a variation of the honeycomb.

Run Colors Warsaw Poland honeycomb furniture displaying sneakers

Display units

They are both practical and great looking.

Wood and mint pastel frames repeat the space design features.

Run Colors, Warsaw, Poland. Honeycomb motif – display stands and display wall.

4. Neutral colour palette

As mentioned above, the choice of color palette in Run Colors reflects the current trends. Because the store targets a young clientele, its interior design and aesthetic follows the trends of hipsters and Millenials.

This means fewer colors and new colors. The hipster aesthetic prefers purity and affection to the neutral palette of the Scandinavian look. New trends, however, introduce a diverse modern range of shades of pastels like the punchy mint introduced in the accent wall, or the mint hues in furniture.

The neutral color palette is broken by a new trendy pastel mint but still follows the trends and gives this interior a cozy look.

Mint statement wall

Run Colors, Warsaw, Poland.

5. Sneakers shop interior design – fusion of styles

I think the fusion of all these elements together creates a very quirky interior space. I would also add the last few accents of an entirely different style. The decorative finish of the cash desk, the cozy 50’s looking armchairs, and last but not least, the decorative a la rococo style sofa.

Run Colors, Warsaw, Poland

Cash desk area

Fusion of styles – rococo style sofa in the middle of the contemporary cash desk area.

Run Colors, Warsaw, Poland. Cash desk area.

Run Colors, Warsaw, Poland.

Fitting area

Fusion of styles – cosy 50s looking armchairs and a coffee table in neutral tones

Run Colors, Warsaw, Poland. Fitting area

Run Colors, Warsaw, Poland. Cash desk area.

Bespoke cash desk with brand logo. A mix of traditional and contemporary style.

Run Colors, Warsaw, Poland Cash desk area