Looking at the selected windows, there is one observation I would like to share with you. Apart of the summer vibe, there are many and diverse past inspirations in the presented collection of 6 head-turning window displays of Summer 2019.

Louis Vuitton’s Dream Catcher window scheme is very much 60s inspired of colourful Hippie style or to some, Indian folk inspiration (shall we call it an Indian Summer window display?)

Louis Vuitton, Dublin, Ireland

Omega displays the gold astronaut statue and celebrates the 50s anniversary of Moon landing.

Omega, Warsaw, Poland

Marc Cain window display staged the Polaroid camera story.

Marc Cain, Warsaw, Poland

Let’s not ignore the other three head-turning window displays:

Bow & Pearl local multi brand fashion boutique and their lemon tree window display theme. Summer style, simple concept.

Bow and Pearl Wing and lemons window display. Rathmines, Dublin, Ireland

Desigual ‘Fraternite’ window message.

Desingual, Warsaw, Poland

Sinsay palm trees and Millenial Pink combo.

Sinsay fashion window display.
Sinsay fashion window display. Warsaw, Poland

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you feel you want to explore even more Summer 2019 window displays, have a look at another post dedicated to 10 Best Fashion Window Displays of Summer 2019.