The metallic trend comes and goes every so often. Metallic trend 2018 holds strong across fashion, make up, home decor, and digital media. In this post I gathered few examples illustrating an incarnation of this trend in window design.

The metallic trend is associated with industrialism. The silver trend additionally takes inspiration from space. The moon, stars, and intergalactic themes are synonyms of science fiction and futurism.

In fashion this year, the connection with space was stamped by the Chanel Autumn/Winter 2018 collection dominated by the space rocket. Different glossy colors accompany a polished or textured silver shine.

Metallic shine is a dominating accent this year, but also continues as a background element or considered as neutral.

Let’s see how this trend made an entrance to luxury and high fashion design. Here are few window design’s examples showcasing the metallic accents.

metallic trend 2018, silver trend 2018

Chanel window design. Brown Thomas, Dublin, Ireland. Metallic trend 2018. Silver trend 2018. Space inspiration for Autumn Winter 2018 collection

Mango window design. Dublin, Ireland., metallic trend, silver trend, 2018

Mango window design. Dublin, Ireland. Silver accent in this high street fashion brand.

metallic trend, silver trend, tommy hilfiger, louis hamilton, window design

Tommy Hilfiger window display. Grafton Street, Dublin, Ireland. Tommy Hilfiger silver accent interpreted here more like an industrially inspired silver trend.

metallic trend, jeff coons

Louis Vuitton window design. Brown Thomas, Dublin, Ireland November 2017. Jeff Coons collaboration with this luxury brand.

metallic trend, glitter, silver trend, fringe trend

Converse window display. Warsaw, Poland. Converse collaboration with Miley Cyrus. Silver, glitter and fringe. Trends packed in this window design.