Mint, Velvet and Mid – Century

Soft materials and colors create the smooth and homely ambiance in this retail space. Original mid century antique pieces add originality and retro flavor.

The attention to detail in this shop is exceptional. Colors, textures, materials and decor collaborate in harmony to create a cozy and friendly atmosphere.

The space

Although the space is not too large, it has been divided into smaller areas to create an intimate and homely feeling.

Smaller areas are marked by accent furniture and decoration. It wouldn’t be normal to see so many seating spaces around the typical retail space and yet here, there are 2 sofas and one ottoman for relaxation and this furniture introduces an almost living-room feel.

The colour palette

Tons of grey and mint dominates in the interior. The alternating tones of greys on the walls prevent the space from becoming monotone and dull. Off white wood panelling in the entrance zone introduces an amicable welcome space.

mid century fashion shop. Mint velvet fitting area

Mint and velvet indeed

Emblematic mint wall colour and velvet materials of floor rug and ottoman.

The lighting

Task and mood lights create the shade and complete the mood.

Pendant cluster of lights

Pendant cluster of lights

Not contemporary, not quite retro either.

The collection of antique pieces

Mid-century furniture has become more trendy over the years. For some generation they are a sentimental memory but for some – and this would be Mint Velvet target clientele – they are antique pieces.

  • The haberdashery wooden cabinet next to sales desk (could be dated earlier than 50s) is the first piece to note. Once a typical retail furniture, it is now used a decoration and display unit.
The haberdashery wooden cabinet

The haberdashery wooden cabinet 

Ah the retro find! You wouldn’t see the old pieces like this one quite often. Especially in the fashion shops these days.

  • The vintage Jewellers Haberdashery Display Counter Cabinet from the 50s still serves its original purpose. In this set, it holds a decoration with a large vintage glass cloche bell jar display.
The vintage Jewellers Haberdashery Display Counter Cabinet

The vintage Jewellers Haberdashery Display Counter Cabinet

Together with the wall shelves and painting above, this looks like a typical home decoration with family pictures and art.

The vintage Jewellers Haberdashery Display Counter Cabinet

The vintage Jewellers Haberdashery Display Counter Cabinet

  • The newly renovated grey toned sofa from 50s is the real gem in here.It is typical to the time simple and architectural design it includes the wooden structure with the coffee table. 
Mid century sofa with coffee table.

Mid century sofa with coffee table.

 Again, the shelves displaying the art pieces is a smart way of introducing the products in a more elegant and sophisticated way, indicating a less commercial but more artistic approach.

The decoration 

The paintings displayed on the shelves, a flower pot on the display table, coral shell in the jelly glass and graphics displayed here and there are like objets trouvès or like a personal and sentimental collection in a family home.

A few bits and pieces

This adds cosiness and familiarity to the space. It all create the homely and warm vibe about this retail interior space.

This personal touch, with hand-picked and artsy beautiful objects, complete the feeling of a homely atmosphere.

The retro inspiration is a style trick that helps to create a certain vibe in a commercial space. To see another fashion space with some retro design elements see this post: Pull & Bear – the Cool Vintage Affection.