‘Inside Chanel’ Campaign – luxury brand’s digital strategy aiming at the generation of Millenials. Twenty chapters covering designer’s life and brand’s values. 

Heritage brands created their marketing strategy on myths related to the designer’s life and personality as well as places significant to the brand’s evolution. It is Gabrielle Chanel’s genius and creativity that defines the uniqueness and authenticity of Chanel brand today.

Inside Chanel Campaign. Gabrielle Chanel. The real portrait of the iconic designer.

Her personal life – humble childhood, romances, superstition, tenacity, drive and ambition create the portrait of a human being behind the global label. Her career milestones like opening the first shop at 31, Rue Cambon in Paris or the short stories about the creative inspirations unravel values and aesthetics of this luxury brand present-day.

The brand presented the portrait of a feminist and a businesswoman. Chanel was depicted as a ‘Rebel at heart” who changed the world and broke the stereotypes in fashion, design and lifestyle.


Inside Chanel Campaign. Gabrielle Chanel – the role model.

Chanel as a heritage brand is rediscovering its history to younger customers. The ‘Inside Chanel’ campaign targets female contemporary clientele looking for a role model and reference to follow.

This personalised story presents a truly emotional and immensely inspiring journey to create the fashion empire by the woman from ‘Nowhere’. Each chapter reconnects this heritage brand with the young generation by referring to youthful traits like love, freedom, audacity and individualism. Each spot is produced almost like a music video, made with exquisite graphics and amazing tunes.


Ultimately, the ‘Inside Chanel’ story depicts the portrait of a timeless icon who drives the business of a Parisian brand in 21st century.

Inside Chanel Campaign. Gabrielle Chanel –  the heritage rediscovered.

This digital campaign was created to promote the new Gabrielle collection but it is also an excellent focus on the brand’s iconic products like Chanel perfumes or tweed jackets and presenting their origins and creative concepts.

The physical retail environment does not have contemporary tools and a global scale to interact with and influence both new and younger customers.

For this reason this campaign connects digitally with youngsters in order to bring them to Chanel boutiques. Chanel purposefully distance their products from online sales, focusing on the retail experience globally in their newly re-designed boutiques by American architect Peter Marino.

The tribute to Gabrielle.

To summarise, the Chanel digital branding strategy pays tribute to its founder. It also retells her success story to make it both timeless and contemporary and close to its current clientele. Glorification or even sacralisation of Chanel is part of her existing legend so Chanel brand preserves it popularity and keep it open to new customers.