Izabela’s Boloz art installation ‘Fashion Happens’ was designed to transform the space of The Designer Gallery in Galeria Mokotow in Warsaw. 

The Designer Gallery

Let’s start with a few words of introduction about this space. The Designer Gallery was purposed to showcase selected fashion design and promote local design brands (you can see here the story about the multi-brand interior design space).

Let’s face it, it is a more sophisticated space than a regular shopping mall.

What is more, it aspires to create the taste and deliver a unique experience.

For example an artsy one.

Art in retail

We all know that art has abandoned the museum and art galleries a long time ago. So it’s not strange that shopping malls are transforming their functions to be more than just cathedrals of consumptions.

‘Everything that was happening was happening on the (new) mall.” Shopping had become the chief cultural activity in ”our united states of shopping.”

William Severini Kowinski,An Inside Look at the Great Consumer Paradise

The artist

Back to our artist and designer Izabela Boloz. You can get to know her works which she is best known for and discover that they are purposed to function in the public spaces.

Art Happens by izabela boloz

So, in the past, she designed urban benches, playgrounds she had shaped creatively. What is also important, her approach to design and art crosses the perception of both.

What does it mean? It means that art becomes a functional design. And also, that the functional design is part of the performative action. Each work is designed to dialogue with the public. So, it’s mutual participation and active participation. Each art installation is designed to sit on and use it. Be in it and be part of it.

Art Happens by izabela boloz

I like this aspect. It’s very immersive for a random shopper who probably didn’t come to the shopping mall for an art exhibition at all.

The artwork asks questions about the role of fashion in our life. Are we victims? Are we followers or happy users? In other words, are we doing it to ourself or is it the fashion that abuses us?

For me, the most enjoyable part of the exhibition was opt-art architectural shapes. Together with striped mannequins, it creates a spectacular and mind-blowing piece.

Last but not least, you have to admit, the execution of the art installation by Advertis and are exquisite.

Location: Galeria Mokotow, Warsaw, Poland

Time: December 2016

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