Monochrome interior based on a black and white design concept. This boutique of Polish designer brand is simple but elegant, small but smartly organised.

Monochrome, symmetric and easy to shop

Most of all the monochrome interior design concept gives the prominence to the products on display. But Bohoboco interior adds value to the shopping experience as well. Clean lines, space order and symmetry makes this boutique an easy space to shop and hang out.

bohoboco Polish, monochrome fashion boutique interior, designed retail space, glossy lamps
Monochrome and symmetric, elongated boutique space

Monochrome interior built on nuances

Maybe the space is based on a minimal use of colour but the interior concept brings nuances in light and materials used to enhance the look.

Because the light is poured to this small interior from different sources, it makes it easy for the client to spot anything in the space.  Sets of dense spotlights and decorative accent lights provide enough exposure for clothes and accessorise.

Central, ceiling mounted lamps create the main axis in this elongated space. These glossy, industrial type lamps reflect and disperse the light.

In contrary, black matt furniture softens and absorbs the extensive amount of white light. Similarly, the wooden, off-white floor soothes the brightness.

As a result, this monochrome fashion boutique interior is chic but not intimidating.  It is classy but not boring. And it is glam but warm at the same time. I call it slick chick.

Bohoboco, Galeria Mokotow, Warsaw, Poland. Product display - simple geometric divisions and excellent use of light to enhance the products
Bohoboco fashion boutique. Product display – simple divisions and excellent use of light to enhance bags and shoes on display

Black and white display cabinets

Let’s be honest, maybe the retail space is all about the brand image but above all, it should be all about the product sell.

The display cabinets, like the one on the picture are designed simply, but smartly. Simple geometric  divisions give accessories and shoes a space to shine instead of just competing with each other.

With sophisticated background light these cabinets give prominence and sufficient attention to great products.

And for this reason, again this fashion boutique is an easy to shop space and yet, the one of a great design.

monochrome fashion boutique interior
Elegant and chic perfumes advert behind the sales desk.

Bohoboco fashion brand diversity. The perfume range.

Bohoboco is mainly the clothing brand but they promote their perfume product range as well. In this boutique, however they are only exposed at the end of the purchase journey at the cash desk.

In my opinion, Bohoboco perfumes are a premium product and they deserve a more prominent exposure.

Besides, they smell gorgeous!