This young Polish brand is aiming itself at younger clientele and has done so through their stores interior design. The brand hopes that the interior of their store will make their target customers identify with the brand. To do so, Sinsay has created the brand’s image to match their target client’s personality – rebellious , adventurous, and open for new experiments.

Dynamic, almost offensive and outrageous decor is overloaded with various stimulating accents. Wall finishes, lights, patterns and graphics are joined together to create a space that screams and vibrates. The colors are toned down and kept in neutral palette to allow the accents to really show through.


The distinctive use of graphics and slogans attracts attention in this design concept. “I am good, but not an angel”, “I do sin, but I am not the devil.”

This young polish brand is aiming at younger clientele and the interior makes the customer to identify with the brand. Sinsay created the brand’s image to match client’s personality – rebellious, adventurous and open for new experiments.

Sinsay, Arkadia shopping centre, Warsaw, Poland. Square blocks with alternated graphics


Sinsay, Warsaw, Poland. Wall mounted graphics, brand slogan ‘I am good, but not an angel’


Wall finishes

Matt neutral wall colours alternate from dark to light with some vibrant accents in pink shades. The triangle decorative elements unite the facade dressing with the interior decoration.

Monochrome wall finishes and display fixtures are broken up by strong pink, glossy circular panels with the brand logo. The panels are mounted on the ceiling in an interesting, upside down approach to mark the individualism of the brand and its potential clientele.

White neon lights are used in various combinations – horizontal and vertical patterns to add a cool vibe and to animate the neutral wall colours.

Sinsay, Warsaw, Poland. Horizontal neon lights animate the monochrome wall

Sinsay, Warsaw, Poland. Ceiling mounted brand glossy panel accentuate the space
















Visual branding

Worth mentioning is also the group of mannequins presenting Sinsay products. With their confident and nonchalant poses alongside with their dynamic styling make the product look expensive, attractive and cool.

Sinsay, Warsaw, Poland. Window shop design

Sinsay, Warsaw, Poland. Bold visual merchandising at the shop entrance