Everything seems to be in a right place in this retail interior design concept. Let’s have a closer look at this designer’s boutique.

The retail interior design concept – symmetrical and organised

I think it’s because the space is organised symmetrically it gives you the feel of harmony. In the case of retail interior design, it simply must give you an easy shopping experience.

clusters of amber lights in fashion boutique mariusz przybylski

The trick with horizontal and vertical lines

The trick with horizontal and vertical lines adds to the spatial order.

So, the side walls are defined by display units. And the central wall is made of taupe timber panels.

The space guides the customer in this retail interior design

No doubt, this rhythm of lines creates an orderly and clean spatial arrangement.

And for this reason, you as a customer feels that everything seems to be in a right place here.

Simply and literally, you are guided by the space – ladies to the right, gents to the left.

The focal point – amber cluster of lights

Well, as pointed above, some design features like the white floor, glass entrance and plain white walls all together could be perceived as too clinical.

Wow, look at the lights!

That is why the accent amber ceiling mounted cluster of lights play a transforming role and introduce mellow ambiance and inviting impression.

I’m a yellow mellow..

Look closer – here we have golden hues of light hanging from the ceiling.

And there we have the gold accents on display units.

I think it work fabulous and is the mastery of subtle harmony.

Golden warm accents work hand in hand with timber emerald pannels to transform the orderly space into more intimate environment. Intense and rich, matt emerald wooden panels create the backdrop for the decorative pending lights and warm up the space.

Utility and fitting rooms are hidden behind the timber paneling, so the rest of the boutique’s space remains only for product display.

This interior concept has been created by the designer Mariusz Przybylski. This boutique is located in Galeria Mokotow, Warsaw, Poland (update 2020 – this shop closed down)