Next to the green and flamboyant trend in Spring/Summer 2017 (presented here), emerges the geometric and structured style.

Circles or cubes; horizontal or vertical lines; ascetic or minimalistic; graphic or three-dimentional; neutral or with accent colour.

Geometric patterns have become increasingly popular in interior design in 2017, we can even see that this trend is reflected in retail window displays. Some of the cases are presented below.


  • Opt-art

The geometric pattern in this window display is presented in a graphic, opt-art background. Repeated identical eye-shaped pattern introduce illusion and movement. Minimalistic but powerful.

Medicine, Olsztyn, Poland


Zara tends to dress their windows in a minimalistic fashion, which fits to brand’s interior design of toned down colours and almost bare space.

  • Geometric, openwork yellow metal installation 

Zara, Dublin, Ireland

Zara window display, Warsaw, Poland











  • Basic shapes

The circle and the rectangular is the main scenography in this window design. The white background and neutral colour of the display makes the clothing collection stand out.

Zara, Dublin, Ireland The composition of a basic geometric forms, the rectangular and the circle.

New Look

  • Basic shapes and colours

This New Look display also explores geometric shapes but also plays with the colour, print and neon lights.

New Look, Dublin, Ireland


  • Triangles 

Here the Reserved clothing brand has introduced the neutral colour geometric 3D structure.

Reserved, Warsaw, Poland Geometric transparent structure over mannequins and geometric glass decoration with flowers

Reserved, Warsaw, Poland Geometric canopy/installation.


  • Geometric shapes

Wooden sculpture presented here in Mango window shopfront is an interpretation of geometric shapes. A touch of ethnicity could be also found in it.

Mango window display, Dublin, Ireland