Looking for shop interior design idea? Here, for your inspiration, is feminine interior with a bit of edge. 

Bizuu Shop Interior Design

Let’s introduce this topic straightaway – what creates a unique shop interior design idea?

Maybe if I would describe this shop as a small space interior in beige tones mixed with off-white and powder pink you wouldn’t jump out of the chair.

Well, maybe if I would add that the space is feel cosy, feminine and edgy at the same time, you would feel more thrilled.

As a matter of fact, all above plus some design details create very creative shop interior design idea.

I called it a contemporary boudoir because it reminds me an intimate, romantic and feminine space. It does, it really does.

Bizuu window display galeria mokotow poland

What’s under the skirt?

Look at the frilled lampshade at the centre. This frilled skirt lamp suits in this space and creates the unique focal point. Delicate textiles together with soft pastels create a very cosy and feminine version of the contemporary fashion shop for female clothing.

Bizuu shop interior design idea central lamp

Frilled lampshade or frilled skirt create the frivolous accent that fit perfectly with their surroundings.

Such a simple but ingenious design can create the unique character of the space.

Similar shop interior design idea with the textile lamps you can explore in the Twin Set fashion boutique.


A Lofty finish to the girly interior

The white brick wall ads a bit of an industrial edge that breaks the obvious girly girl interior.

Bizuu boutique painted brick wall design idea for shop

Painted brick contrasts with velvet midflor fixture finishes, and wooden floors.

Bizuu boutique, Galeria Mokotow, Warsaw, Poland.

Barbie window display

Last but not least, to complete the Bizuu story, I share with you this window display. It presents one of the current collections inspired by the Barbie world, a truly pop-culture version of a woman.

Bizuu boutique, ul. Mokotowska, Warsaw, Poland, Barbie house window display
Bizuu boutique, ul. Mokotowska, Warsaw, Poland, Barbie house window display