Three Christmas 2018 window displays creative concepts

Here are the galleries of Christmas 2018 window displays. Without question Christmas windows are the most prominent concepts for any retailer. Even though Christmas may seems as a strong and deeply rooted tradition, there are many social changes that introduces cultural changes and challenges to the visual message to the larger audience.

Let’s start from the fundamentals. Is it still famous ‘white Christmas’? Or maybe not necessarily?

Important to note is that recently there is a change in the naming of the traditional Christmas displays to include the wider audience. And for this reason, traditional ‘Christmas‘ term is very often replaced by the ‘Holiday season‘ that seems to be more neutral and general term.

Christmas 2018 window displays invite world cultures and traditions

What is more, and you can see it in Hugo Boss example below, the Holiday season incorporates the celebration of different festive occasions and traditions like the beginning of The New Chinese Year.

On the other hand, The Louis Vuitton with its ‘Tree of the World‘ concept presents the Christmas tree from different part of the world and their traditions.

No doubt, traditional Christmas theme is being interpreted every year in a zillions versions. The best one speaks for the brands’ values and brings the message to their audience.

Let’s see the Christmas 2018 window displays interpreted by different brands and creative concepts stories behind some of them.

1.Christmas window concept – traditional theme as we know it.

2.Elements of a traditional theme in a new interpretation.

3. Far from traditional Christmas theme

Christmas 2018 window displays selected ceative concepts:

Hugo Boss Christmas 2018 window collaboration with Jeremyville.

Hugo Boss window display with pink pigs by Jeremyville Hugo Boss window display with pink pigs by Jeremyville


Jeremyville collaboration with Hugo Boss for special collection celebrating the new Chinese Year and the holiday (Christmas) time.



So, have a closer look and don’t be surprised to see pigs and rabbits.

2019 is the Year of the Pig and Jeremyville rabbit character ‘lives’ in his illustrations and now has been immortalised in HBoss accessories.  A very brave fusion of luxury and contemporary art commenting ironically our consumer lifestyle.



Louis Vuitton Christmas window displays: Trees of the World

The ‘Trees of the World’ Christmas 2018 concept breaks the stereotype of a Western and Christian tradition of ‘a Christmas tree’. Instead the creative concept introduce the Joshua Tree, the Bonsai, the Cacti and the Palm Tree is a reminder of different cultures celebrating this time of the year.


Tiffany & Co Christmas 2018 window displays

Tiffany Storefront in Santa Monica California

Tiffany & Co at Downtown Santa Monica, California. Storefront. December 2018.

Tiffany window display in Santa Monica California with mini mannequin doing jewellery

Tiffany & Co at Downtown Santa Monica, California. Small window close-up. December 2018.













One of the 300 Tiffany’s windows this Holiday season worldwide. Casual, informal concept with (here) miniature mannequin ‘at work’, because ‘Luxury doesn’t have to equal formality’.

Tiffany’s Christmas 2018 window displays for Gene More’s heritage

With this in mind, Reed Krakoff chief artistic officer at Tiffany’s, purposefully relate Brand’s windows to the 4 decades (1955-1996) of GENE MORE window dressing at NY 5th Avenue. This iconic ‘magician’ of window design created his style and Tiffany’s recognisable visual identity in over 5000 windows created during his career.

The Calvin Klein Jeans Christmas 2018 window display

Calvin Klein Jeans window display with warhead poster the big snow

The Calvin Klein Jeans store front, Kliff, Warsaw. December 2018.

The Big Snow: Andy Warhol New York post oversized replica in Calvin Klein Jeans store front, Kliff, Warsaw. Warhol fascinated by the print, made his own mock newspapers print front covers. And it was way back in late 70s!

And there you go, this one is quite relevant now (meaning the big snow and the fake news)






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