Gosia Lakoma

Gosia Lakoma is the founder of Design Retail Space. She graduated with a degree in interior design, art history and cultural studies. Gosia has experience in the art retail environment as well as event management. Currently she works as a freelance interior designer  as well as a styling consultant.

She is obsessed with France and dubs herself as an advanced  Francophile alongside with being a beginner Italophile. She works as an author and hopes to pass on her passions.

Design Retail Space blog

The Design Retail Space blog has emerged originally as a part of Gosia’s personal portfolio of gathering articles she wrote during her studies and for her college thesis.

The blog is evolving spontaneously as a learning experience and inspirational diary.

The aim is to present the spectrum of retail interior design projects and visual merchandising; from luxury brands through high street to local retail in a way that would engage the site’s audience.

Each project is being presented to share great design and ingenious ideas, regardless of their budget. The website is also a  platform to analyse the branding strategies of specific brands and how they shape the design of the interior and visual identity.


You can find my portfolio here